Javanegra Coffee

Javanegra Rainforest Coffee History

Javanegra was born as a solution to unethical and unfair trading between the Indonesian coffee farmers and the wholesalers. As a result, local farmers encountered an elevated level of hardships, which further led them to contribute to illegal logging businesses. Inadvertently, they diminished a high amount of our country’s natural resources, encouraging us to make a change. This is why we are here.

We approached the illegal loggers directly and invited them to become coffee farmers by replanting the rainforests. Through educational practices, we enhanced their skills in producing high-quality beans to bring you a genuine coffee product. We sincerely believe that Indonesian coffee is impeccably enchanting. Palate-captivating at first sip and heart-satisfying at last sip, Javanegra Coffee offers an ethereal experience as we consistently value quality — of our products and people’s lives.

A good cup of coffee comes from
a passionate community

Social & Environmental

Javanegra acknowledges that each region in Indonesia struggles, which are predominantly caused by nutritional deficiencies and educational challenges. As a consequence, the livelihoods of many locals depend on illegal logging. Our coffee is the result of their perseverance towards a better life.

Javanegra advocates the intercropping method where we plant our coffee trees among various rainforest trees.This method enhances a better use of Indonesian preserved rainforests and intensifies its yield, producing valuable food and energy crops that grow better in shaded conditions. We invite the villagers to abandon illegal logging to work as coffee growers instead. As they understand that rainforests provide an excellent source of income, it eventually becomes essential to protect them.

Besides preserving the rainforests, we also commit to improving the income of local coffee farmers. To achieve our visions, we purchase our beans directly from our farmers, apply a fair value and provide them with a year-end sales premium. Javanegra’s welfare programs include improving the coffee farmers’ facilities and renewing their machinery, increasing their nutrient intakes and education. Last but not least, we also link them with climate change investment programs to ensure a sustainable coffee production.

Javanegra Rainforest Coffee Specialist

Javanegra Coffee covers rainforests in seven coffee-growing regions in Indonesia, expanding from Aceh to Papua. Embracing the distinctive characteristics of each territory, Javanegra offers a bona fide Indonesian coffee experience.