Javanegra Coffee



200 gr


Full City Roast

Smoky, Buttery

Lingering Aftertaste

Javanegra Luwak Supremo (Arabica Wild Civet Coffee)

What makes Luwak Supremo special?
Javanegra Luwak Supremo is 100% wild-sourced from wild civets, making it as our most exclusive coffee collection.

What makes Luwak coffee taste unique?
Wild civet cats are picky eaters and only eat the ripest cherries found in the wilderness. The cherries are enhanced through their enzymes, removing the bitterness part of the beans inside the cherries naturally.

Is it produced in an ethically responsible environment?
Javanegra is pro-animal welfare and committed to improving environmental wellness with respect to all living beings. We only collect the cherries of wild civets on the grounds in their natural habitat in Sumatra and Java’s preserved rainforests. The cherries are carefully washed and naturally dried under the sun before the cracking stage. With a huller machine, we break down the outer layer of the washed cherries to find the green coffee bean inside. Then we roast it until it reaches full city to bring out the authentic taste of Luwak coffee; smoky and buttery flavors with a lingering aftertaste as an excellent finishing touch.

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions17 × 11 × 10 cm

Ground – Fine, Ground – Medium, Ground – Coarse, Beans


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