Javanegra Eid Hampers collection this year features emerald green and gold-colored packages, consisting of Javanegra's signature Indonesian coffee and loose leaf tea sachets wrapped in our exclusive Eid-themed packaging.​ Equipped with a modern-designed greeting card, a unique teapot-shaped tea strainer, and tasty homemade snacks from Javanegra Gourmet Goods, Javanegra Eid Hampers are the perfect gift for your partners.


Eid Hampers - Bliss

IDR 375,000

Priced at only IDR 375K, our Bliss Hampers include 1 pack of Javanegra Signature Royal, 3 packs of Javanegra Loose Tea Sachets, 1 gold teapot tea strainer, and a modern Eid greeting card — all wrapped up in a special Eid-themed packaging.

Eid Hampers - Serenity

IDR 585,000

Priced at IDR 585K, our Serenity Hampers include 1 pack of Javanegra Single Origin, 3 packs of Javanegra Loose Tea Sachets, 1 gold teapot tea strainer, 2 tins of Homemade Peanuts & Dates, and a modern Eid greeting card.


LUNGO is the latest coffee machine designed by Javanegra Coffee. Its slim and compact features with a state-of-the-art design fit flawlessly in any decor and ambiance.


LUNGO has a patented brewing system. With a high 20-bar pressure discharge system, it allows you to brew the perfect espresso with a golden crema in just 15 seconds.


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