Javanegra is a coffee specialty roaster based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is the result of collaborative efforts from several European and Indonesian coffee’s enthusiasts, gourmand, cooperatives and coffee growers who wish to promote a good quality and sustainable coffee production from Indonesia.

We acquire and prepare the finest green beans from several rainforests in the highland areas of Sulawesi, Aceh, Sumatra, Java, Flores and Papua.

Our coffee supply, its blending and roasting production line in Indonesia is under the supervision of European coffee specialists to meet a high-quality roasted coffee for gourmand.

Our Beans

Javanegra beans are carefully processed. Organically grown, its precise time cherry collection and beans duly processed afterwards ensure a constant and perfect blending.  That is why Javanegra beans are distinguished for having a proper dimension with no imperfections.

Social and Environmental Welfare

We advocate the inter-cropping method where coffee trees are planted among diverse and valuable rainforest trees in those highland areas. This method will intensify a better use of the Indonesian preserved rainforest with better productive achievements, such as, producing valuable food and energy crops that grow much better under-shading conditions.

Within this context, we are able to convince villagers to abandon illegal logging and become coffee growers. Coffee growers, gradually, are becoming aware that rainforest provide excellent sources of income to mankind, for which the importance in preserving them.

Javanegra, besides preserving Indonesian rainforest, is also committed to improve the income of Indonesian coffee growers by ensuring a fair value when they release their green beans and by providing them as well, a year-end sales premium. We do direct trade with our coffee grower,

To fulfill our coffee growers welfare’s, 20% - 25% of Javanegra’s profit is committed to improve coffee growers’ income and living standards.

Javanegra’s welfare programs include: improvement of coffee growers’ facilities and renewal of their machineries; nutritional and educational improvements in benefit of our coffee growers’ families and, last but not least, Javanegra is linking our coffee growers with climate change investment programs to ensure a sustainable coffee production.


Headquarter Contact:

Javanegra Café Atelier

PT. Javanegra Nusantara

Jl. Pela Raya 212

Kebayoran Baru

Jakarta 12140


T  +62 21 72780119

F  +62 21 7200272



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Javanegra is officially selected by The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Republic of Indonesia as an official gourmet coffee during the ITB Berlin 2013 (6-10 March 2013):